Arlon DPF 8000

The Hard To Stick Surface Solution

DPF 8000 is a 3.5-mil (90 micron) satin white, high-tensile, PVC film with aggressive,
permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive. Designed for indoor and outdoor graphics,
DPF 8000 is made of 100% engineering-grade face stock with a polycoated lay-flat liner.
The special adhesive system is designed to stick to “hard-to-stick” surfaces and low
energy surfaces such as brick, concrete, stucco and ABS plastic. DPF 8000 is designed
to meet the marking requirements and specifications of the transportation, vending, and
automotive industries. The film conforms well to flat surfaces with slight contours when
processed and applied according to Arlon recommendations. DPF 8000 is rated for
outdoor durability up to 7 years* (unprinted). Printed durability is dependent on the ink

system used.


  • Gerber Scientific Products
  • Sign Foils
  • Spandex
  • Metamark
  • Image Perfect

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