Banner Track


Banner Track is a permanent solution to displaying temporary signs. From promotional banners to poster-sized prints. With its patented ‘twist and fix’ fasteners and unobtrusive aluminium profile, Banner Track solves the problem of drooping banners once and for all. 

Banners and signs of virtually any length can be installed, removed or repositioned effortlessly. Banner Track can be recessed or taken around corners and looks great as a contrasting décor line or custom finish to match an existing colour scheme.

BannerTrack is ideal for:

Promotional displays
Event advertising
Graphic displays
Temporary signage

Rigid pennant


Changing banners could not be easier and takes only minutes with BannerTrack.

Available in 6030mm length extrusions in 2 different formats - recess and surface fit. 

Unique 'Twist and Fix' fasteners secure banners in place. 

Finishing caps for 'Twist and Fix' fasteners available in 2 styles - domed and flat disc. 

Fixings take up to 10mm thick material - not just restricted to banners. 

A1 and A2 poster holders available.


  • Gerber Scientific Products
  • Image Perfect
  • Spandex
  • Sign Foils

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