Festival banner poles turn any banner into a refined architectural feature that stands out in style. From shopping malls to exhibition halls; Festival can be seen supporting banners and attracting attention. 

Based on our successful Signpole 20 and 40 aluminium extrusions, Festival uses the minimum of components to maximum effect. Hanging or projecting; with plain or decorative moulded end caps;

Festival is easy to use and can co-ordinate beautifully with other Spandex sign systems.

The Festival banner system is ideal for

Shopping Malls
Exhibition Displays
Retail Signage
Promotion Displays



Ease of use

A fast and simple method for creating projected or suspended banners using rigid or flexible banner material. 

Festival is available in 20 and 40mm diameter extrusions at 3050mm and 6030mm lengths respectively. 

60° and 90° wall brackets available for projected signage. 

Plain and decorative end caps available. 

A variety of hanging methods available - using dowels, pins, rebates and overhangs. 

Please Note - This system is for internal use only.


  • Spandex
  • Sign Foils
  • Image Perfect
  • Gerber Scientific Products

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