ImagePerfect 2556


7 Year White Gloss Polymeric Vinyl 

ImagePerfect™ 2556 is a white gloss polymeric vinyl with a permanent adhesive for indoor and outdoor applications including vehicle graphics.

It has been specially created for digital printing on large-format inkjet printers and is suitable for printing with eco solvent, solvent and latex inks as well as UV-cured inks.

IP 2556 utilises a new type of adhesive that also performs well in areas of high altitude and cold temperature, additional opacity is provided by the grey tint., it should be applied at temperatures greater than +5°C.

IP 2556 is equipped with a backing paper that offers excellent lay flat properties, it promotes high levels of print quality with remarkable text definition and a large colour gamut to ensure colourful images with vibrant area in-fills.

Laminate: IP 2810-103, IP 2810-202, IP 2830-101, IP 2830-102, IP 2830-106, IP 2830-200, etc.







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