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ImagePerfect 2800-100 3D Wrap Laminate Gloss

3D Gloss Cast Laminate For Vehicle Wrapping

IP 2800-100 is a 3D, cast laminate with a gloss surface finish that has been specifically designed for use in conjunction with vehicle graphics and car wraps. It features a highly effective UV filter to ensure long term graphics durability. The premium, polyester release liner allows for excellent layflat properties and superior levels of transparency of the product in application. To encourage long durability, it is essential that the substrate is thoroughly clean prior to application. Additionally, when the material has been applied over convex surfaces and is thereby subject to deformation, it is imperative that post-heating is carried out, whereby the vinyl should be heated evenly over the surface to a temperature of at least 100ºC (for best results, use an infrared thermometer for accuracy). The laminate can be considered for use on IP2507, IP2508, IP2517 and IP2520PA.




Image Perfect 2800-100 3D Cast Laminate
30 Micron Conformable Cast Laminate
Solvent Acrylic Adhesive, permanent
Release liner: Modified Polyester 36µ
Durability: Up to 7 Years (Unprinted)
Fire Rating: Class B1
Finishes: Gloss

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