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ImagePerfect IP5700T Translucent Film


ImagePerfect™ 5700T High Performance Translucent Films

ImagePerfect™ films in the 5700T High Performance Translucent Film range are suitable for application on light boxes or where the film has to be illuminated. The vinyls are specially-formulated, flexible films to enable them to cut easily and weed quickly. A permanent, solvent-based adhesive with low initial tack allows for easy repositioning during application.

The ultimate strong bond ensures a secure and durable finish and the inherent properties of the products promote excellent cutting and weeding characteristics because of the high-quality PE-coated silicone liner.

High Quality, High Performance

ImagePerfect™ films are constantly being reviewed to make sure they comply with the highest industry standards. The IP 5700T High Performance Translucent Series includes the following quality features:

• excellent cutting and weeding
• specially-formulated, flexible films
• permanent, solvent-based adhesive with low initial tack
• high-quality PE-coated silicone liner
• Ideal for long-term indoor & outdoor application on flat surfaces


Whatever the application, think ImagePerfect™.

ImagePerfect 5700T High Performance Translucent Films are suitable for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications such as:

• Sign fascias
• Light boxes
• Illuminated displays

ImagePerfect 5700T Translucent Film

DESCRIPTION: High Performance Translucent Film, polymeric plasticised

COLOUR: Black, white and 49 colours


ADHESIVE: Permanent solvent-based adhesive

ADHESIVE STRENGTH: 20N/25mm (Finat TM 1/24h)

RELEASE PAPER: PE-coated silicone liner, 140g/m² 

TEMPERATURE RANGE: - 30°C up to + 90°C

DURABILITY (UNPRINTED) 7 years (exception: silver 5 years)


SHELF LIFE: 2 years, 20°C / 50% humidity


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