Mainframe - Miniframe

Mainframe - Miniframe

The Mainframe signbox system makes the perfect fascia signbox. This versatile system accepts rigid acrylic face material from 3mm to 6mm, which can be stencil cut or decorated with translucent films. Mainframe’s design allows easy access to electrical fittings for problem free maintenance. 

Square section or curved edges; single or double-sided; wall-mounted or projecting; fixed direct or on stand-off brackets; the choice is yours with Mainframe.

With its non-illuminated counterpart, Miniframe; you won’t find a better way to produce illuminated signboxes or non-illuminated signs frames.


Mainframe and Miniframe systems are ideal for

Wall mounted signboxes
Illuminated fascia signboxes

Projected signboxes - illuminated and non-illuminated


Only four basic extrusions needed

The Mainframe and Miniframe systems are beautifully simple - only four basic extrusions are needed to meet any variation of illuminated signbox and non-illuminated sign trim. 

Available in 6030mm extrusion lengths with 2 different finished looks - square and curved 

Single and double sided options possible

From 3 to 6mm acrylic can be accommodated 

Specialised stand-off bracket for projected signs complete with finishing caps 

Simple and easy to construct 

Internally strengthened frame 

Illuminated (Mainframe) and non-illuminated (Miniframe) options

  • Spandex
  • Sign Foils
  • Gerber Scientific Products
  • Image Perfect

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