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Mimaki Best for Less

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The Facts

  • Price

    With a retail price of only £9,995* + VAT for a limited time only, the Mimaki CJV150-130 is the best priced integrated printer/cutter on the market.
  • Gold Warranty

    Get a full comprehensive, 2 Year, Gold Warranty with your Mimaki CJV150-130 - that's twice as long as the competition.
  • Powered Take Up

    Any print run over a metre benefits from going onto a take-up device and unlike some alternatives, it's included for free with your Mimaki.
  • Supplied Inks

    Get a full set of 8x large 440cc cartridges with your Mimaki CJV150-130 and make instant profit with your new printer/cutter.
  • Max Speed

    More productive, quicker to respond, delivering more during the working day; the Mimaki CJV150 outstrips the competition.
  • Max Colours

    Eight cartridge slots (or bulk ink sacks in the optional MBIS) mean you can run creative colours such as Orange and Light Black for the ultimate print result.
  • Orange Ink

    Mimaki's unique Orange ink delivers punchy, corporate colours, great food images and powerful graphics.
  • Light Black Ink

    Choose to add Light Black ink to your colour set and deliver beautiful black & white photographic prints with smooth gradients and stunning detail.
  • White Ink

    Mimaki's bright, opaque white ink enables printing onto clear films for window graphics, stickers and striking point of sale images.  


Price to performance

The best price to performance of printer/cutter, whether you are looking at entry level or high end


At least 5 times faster than its nearest competitor

Latest technology

All machines use the very latest piezo print heads

Easy to use

Seamless, automated print and cut workflow 

High quality

Award winning ink systems that deliver quality prints, every time

Low running cost

OEM bulk ink system available on all models


Comprehensive monitoring systems to ensure you are always in production including Mimaki’s popular UISS

Huge ink choice

Widest choice of ink combinations, including orange and light black that produce visually stunning prints.

Highly Creative

Special effect inks such as silver and white also available

Long print runs

Take up system standard on all models for long print runs

Powerful software

Easy to use feature rich RIP and cutting software free of charge with every machine

Highly profitable

All models supplied with over 3.5 litres of ink free of charge, more than enough to generate a healthy profit…

Best backup

Class winning 2 year gold warranty packages included for all models with the best back up from

a nationwide technical team

  • Gerber Scientific Products
  • Image Perfect
  • Sign Foils
  • Spandex

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