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Mimaki JV400-SUV - Solvent / UV Printer

The Mimaki SUV sets new standards by combining the flexibility of solvent printing with the durability of UV cured inks, resulting in instantly dry, smooth, glossy prints, which simulate the appearance of being coated yet retaining the brightness expected from a solvent printer.

Seeing really is believing with the new Mimaki SUV, so if you'd like a free print sample, simply click here, include your name, company and address details and we'll send you one out.

We've got a great series of short films for you too. Each one is around 90 seconds long and gives you the lowdown on the Mimaki SUV from a printer's perspective. Find out about the concept in the first film, how you can benefit creatively in the second one and then how your business can benefit in the final one. Sit back and enjoy! (YouTube content opens in new tab/window)




Mimaki SUV
Print Width1,361mm / 1,610mm

Mimaki SU100 CMYK
(600cc ink sacks + eco-cases)

Media specifications

Up to 25kg

Up to φ180mm

2 - 3" core

Warranty1 Year, Gold
Print speedsHigh speed (900x900dpi, 6 pass, bi) 18.1m2/hour
Production speed (900x1200dpi, 8 pass, bi) 14.2m2/hour
RIP software included20x20-tick

How Mimaki SUV ink works:



Mimaki SUV Product Features

Solvent UV inks deliver a smooth, glossy finish with brilliant colour definition

No degassing - instantly dry inks enable trimming, applying or (when necessary) over lamination to be carried out immediately

Very high levels of scratch resistance and weathering

Fast drying inks for improved productivity

High print durability for indoor or outdoor applications

High output speeds of up to 18.1m2 per hour

Choice of two print widths (1,371 or 1,620mm)

Prints exit the machine completely dry, ready for immediate post processing



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  • Sign Foils
  • Spandex
  • Image Perfect

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