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Mimaki UJF-3042FX

Versatile and productive small format LED UV printer with myriad applications and capabilities and featuring unique jettable primer, white and clear inks.

The recently launched Mimaki UJF-3042FX is suitable for commercial printers, promotional products companies and signmakers - as well as manufacturing setups - for producing photo quality print onto practically any product. Perfect for branding up and imprinting items, its low energy consumption and durable print mean it delivers the highest quality output in a fraction of the time to a traditional pad or screen print.

With no limit to minimum run lengths and the ability to handle variable data, short - and highly profitable production become a reality.


Product HighlightsMimaki UJF-3042

    • Innovative high quality desktop LED UV cure printer
    • New automatic primer facility - primer is applied only to areas that require it
    • Varnish for highlighting and protecting print areas
    • 50mm head height
    • Vacuum bed
    • Vivid images even on transparent media through use of white ink
    • Print to almost any materials
    • Benefits from leveraging innovative LED UV curing technologies - 
        1. Ultra low power consumption
        2. Print to heat sensitive media
        3. Instant on/off lamp switching
        • Perfect for promotional goods, industrial products, giftware, personalised items, photographic work, membrane panels and more.
        • Mimaki Raster Link Pro 5 RIP software included

        FeaturesExcels in scratch & chemical resistance as well as colour reproduction. Ideal for substrates that do not require bending or folding after printing.Enables stretching of ink up to 200% during post print processing. Printed image won't crack or craze.Strong gradation in 6 colour printing. More flexible than LH-100 so less likely to crack.
        Colour ConfigurationTable-LH100-configTable-LF200-configTable-LF140-config
        C=Cyan, M=Magenta, Y=Yellow, K=Black, Lc=Light Cyan, Lm=Light Magenta, W=White, Cl=Clear, Pr=Primer

        Mimaki UJF-3042FX
        Mimaki UJF-3042
        Print area300 x 420 x 50mm
        InksCMYKcmW + Clear + Primer
        LED UV Hard inks
        Production Speed (complete bed)
        720x600, 4pass: 2' 30"
        720x900, 6pass: 4' 00"
        1400x1200, 8pass: 8' 00"
        Warranty1 Year, fully comprehensive
        RIP software included20x20-tick

        • Image Perfect
        • Gerber Scientific Products
        • Spandex
        • Sign Foils

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