Monoform gives you a free hand to produce beautifully curved signs up to 3 metres high. Freestanding, wall-mounted, suspended or projecting, Monoform lets you put curves in all the right places. 

Designed on the solid foundations of our off-the-shelf monolith system, Sculptura - renowned in the industry for its strength, versatility and ease of assembly - you'll find working with Monoform is just as easy. And the signs you produce just as impressive.

You can use sheet aluminium without rolling or welding. Turn a few screws and Monoform's clever tensioning system produces the attractive, evenly curved face panels for you.


Easy Illumination

Illuminating Monoform's no problem either. Its internal framework is designed to leave you plenty of room for light fittings, electrics and more besides. In fact, the more you work with Monoform, the more you'll discover just how much this system has to offer you and your customers.


Monoform signs are ideal for

Corporate identity signage
Directional signs
Backlit advertising

Information signs



Self-curving sign system

The Monoform self-curving sign system provides a quick and easy way to construct freestanding, wall mounted, suspended or projected curved aluminium signs with the minimum of fabrication. 

Available in 6030mm length extrusions. 

Incorporates any rigid sheet material up to 3mm thick. 

Capable of making signs up to 3m high by 1.5m wide. 

Bespoke curves created with integral tensioning system. 

Monoform signs may be sunk into concrete or mounted onto a concrete footing using Monoform feet available in electroplated stainless steel.


  • Spandex
  • Sign Foils
  • Image Perfect
  • Gerber Scientific Products

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