Monoframe is the most direct route to attractive, post or base-mounted identity signage. Monoframe will make sure your message gets noticed. 

Whether you opt for the slim Monoframe 55, or the imposing Monoframe 175, Monoframe exterior identity signs are absolutely ideal for business or science park locations and similar corporate facilities.

Monoframe signs are ideal for

Corporate identity signage
Directional Signage
Site map signage
Business park signs

Information signs




Fast and simple construction

The Monoframe system provides a fast and simple method of constructing a double sided sign frame to accept flush-fitting, aluminium or acrylic sign faces. 

Available in 6030mm length extrusions at 3 different widths; 55, 80 and 175mm. 

Reinforced internal frame system 

A variety of post mounting options are available; square, V and D sections for 55 and 80mm widths, C and D sections for 175mm widths with matching feet made from electro-plated steel. 

Illumination achievable with both 80 and 175mm sections - room to house electronic components and using acrylic sheet or vacuum formed pans. 

Up to 1.5mm sheet aluminium may be used for the 55 and 80mm widths and up to 2.5mm for the 175mm width extrusions. 

Up to 3mm sheet acrylic and vacuum formed pans may be used for the 55 and 80mm widths and up to 5mm for the 175mm width extrusion. 

Specialised Stand Off Bracket (SOB) available for projected signs at the 80mm width only.



  • Gerber Scientific Products
  • Image Perfect
  • Sign Foils
  • Spandex

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