The ROLL-X® GO is a brand new product that gives you access to the superior production method provided by the flatbed applicator technique.

As the machine can be shipped in separate parts, the user has the option to fit the Roll-X into tricky places (upstairs, through single doors) or there is an option for the applicator to be delivered fully assembled.

The product comes with a number of key features including manual height adjustment (800-1000mm), adjustable side trays and metal side lines that are used for trimming.

ROLL-X 327-175 GO
Application Area (mm) 2870 x 1650mm
Max thickness of substrate 85mm 

ROLL-X 400-175 GO
Application Area (mm) 3600 x 1650mm
Max thickness of substrate 85mm

ROLL-X 470-175 GO
Application Area (mm) 4300 x 1650mm
Max thickness of substrate 85mm 

Manual height adjustment 800-1000mm / 2ft. 7in – 3ft. 3in.
Adjustable side trays
Metal side lines used for trimming
Fast assembly and installation 


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  • Sign Foils

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